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About me

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I’m Eugene, and this is my personal website.
Let’s get to know each other:

My actual given name is Yevgeniy, but you can go with its English version, Eugene. My Jewish brothers try to call me by my name’s Russian short form, Женя, but they make it sound like Jaina.

On this website, I write about tech and marketing. Most of the articles here are in Russian, though. I also write in English, for example, here.

I played poker online for a few years, so I’m kind of good at it. Nowadays, I play it with my friends for fun. You’re welcome to join.

I’m into eSports: dota 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone. Lately, I don’t have much time to follow the teams and tournaments.

I was raised up as a coder and mathematician. Most of my coding experience took place between 2002 and 2011, then I graduated from Dnipro National University with M.S. in computer sciences.

I work in tech since 2011, not as an engineer though. I was a sales manager, project manager, marketer, growth hacker, evangelist, product manager, and product analyst. Now I’m a data analyst, and I’m contemplating an idea of coming back to data science, which I studied for 5 years at my uni.

My passions are psychology, education, media, propaganda, and eastern practices. Not that I’m a prominent expert in any of those.

My Instagram is just_eugene, there I post my attempts at cooking.
On Facebook I mostly remain silent facebook.com/yevgeniy.rosengard , just like on Linkedin linkedin.com/in/yevgeniyrosengard.